The Lair of the Four Kings is a stage in Street Fighter V. It is located inside Shadaloo's headquarters.

Description Edit

The stage is an enormous dome-shaped room with various high-tech computers on both ends. In the background, a massive set of Mount Rushmore-style statues can be seen. These statues depict Balrog, M. Bison, Vega, and either F.A.N.G or Sagat (depending on the mode), the Four Kings of Shadaloo; Bison is holding the world, positioned near the center of the area, in his hand. Closer to the foreground, there is an ongoing battle between Shadaloo forces and a group of Special Forces agents, with a Strider-esque ninja and a spacesuit-clad Shadaloo agent chasing each other.

In F.A.N.G's story mode fight with M. Bison, his statue is replaced with one of Sagat, since it takes place at a time when Sagat had not yet been replaced within Shadaloo.

When a character is knocked out in the right corner of the stage, the person will fall and hit the face on the hand of a M. Bison statue, which unleashes Psycho Power on the victim. When knocked on the left corner, the character hits a screen that displays data about the one that touched it:

AkumaThe StrongestMale178 cm90 kgUnknown
AlexHyper BomberMale195 cm111 kgUSA
BalrogRaging BuffaloMale198 cm135 kgUSA
BirdieAWOLMale216 cm230 kgUK
CammyKiller BeeFemale164 cm61 kgUK
Charlie NashUndead AvengerMale186 cm93 kgUnknown
Chun-LiInterpol AgentFemale169 cmSecretChina
DhalsimYoga GuruMale176cm (Varies)48kg (Varies)India
F.A.N.GNo.2Male222 cmUnknownUnknown
GuileSonic AvengerMale182 cm99 kgUSA
IbukiStudentFemale162 cm55 kgJapan
JuriSpiderFemale165 cm57 kgKorea
KarinThe PrincessFemale162 cm59 kgJapan
KenFlashy FighterMale175 cm83 kgUSA
KolinDeceiverFemale168 cm65 kgUnknown
M. BisonThe BossMale182 cm112 kgUnknown
MenatFortune TellerFemale163 cm56 kgEgypt
LauraMatsuda Jiu-JitsuFemale175 cm72 kgBrazil
NecalliAnomalyUnknown190 cm113 kgUnknown
R. MikaMuscle SpiritFemale168 cm70 kgJapan
RashidWannabe HeroMale178 cm85 kgUnknown
RyuHado AwakenedMale175 cm85 kgJapan
UrienUngodly PowerMale195 cm120 kgUnknown
VegaNarcissistMale186 cm84 kgSpain
ZangiefRed CycloneMale214 cm181 kgRussia
ZekuSales RepMale181 cm89 kgJapan

Abigail can't be knocked on the screen, mainly because he's too big.