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Launching is a term used in fighting games to refer to attacks that launch any foe it hits into the air, potentially allowing the user to follow up with a regular or airborne combo. Attacks with these properties can be seen in the main games, and most often appear in crossover games.


Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Arcade-Button-HPunch + Arcade-Button-HKick


Launchers are ideal to "end" a combo with; in addition to opening up an opportunity for a ground or air combo, they can provide enough time to switch characters in some crossover games and continue the combo.

Marvel vs. Capcom seriesEdit

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Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

In Street Fighter X Tekken, launchers automatically swap in the tag partner, and can now tear through low attacks as well; however, they have a relatively long startup. Cross Rushes have a fourth attack that becomes a launcher if landed successfully.[1]


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