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This is a list of quotes used by Laura.

Street Fighter VEdit

Character Selection Edit

  • "Let me zap you!"

Intro Edit

  • "Boom! That's how to start a fight and finish it quickly!"

Critical Art activation Edit

  • "Punishment time! Here we go! One more down!"

Round Victory Edit

  • "Ding ding! I took this round!" (Japanese: Ta da! I am the winner!)
  • (low health) "That was so close..." (Japanese: Whew... That was dangerous!)

Round Loss Edit

  • "But why?"

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Anyone can release electricity! Just rub your hair a little, and... zap! Easy, right?"
  • "Why doncha join Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu? Come on, you know you wanna!"
  • "Phew! That was so much awesome, I couldn't help but giggle!"
  • "When I compare you to Sean... You're pretty much the same!"
  • "Come at me with a bang!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Teach me that move goes 'VWOOM!' I promise I'll put a Matsuda-style twist on it!
  • "You look like you've got potential! Come at me full blast next time!"
  • "Money? What happened, did you forget your wallet?"
  • "Haha! You really do look like a bee! Buzzing around all over the place!"
  • "That one kick that went ya-ya-ya was really cool!"
  • "Hey, teach me that stretchy thing! Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu could use a move like that!"
  • "You're tall! I bet you hit your head on doorframes a lot, huh?"
  • "That hair style's pretty neat! Makes you look all serious!"
  • "What's that shu-shu thing you keep throwing? It is a shuriken?"
  • "Isn't a little shock better than actual pain? And it's more fun!"
  • "Kanzuki, was it? Is everyone in your family as strong as you?"
  • "Your son will get stronger if you let him train in Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu!"
  • "Why is it when I look at you I get all...antsy?"
  • "Don't make such scary faces! Did I zap you too hard or something?"
  • "You wanna devour me? Maybe if you can beat me next time!"
  • "Looks like my electricity beats your wind! How shocking!"
  • "You're Zangief's apprentice? Come to think of it, the way you came at me like BAAAM was just like him!"
  • "For such an esteemed guy, you sure crackled and popped a lot!"
  • "Huh? Did you say something about my face? Sorry, I didn't catch that last bit."
  • "Your throws are mesmerizing! Just as awesome as ever!"

​Character Story ModeEdit

Stage 1: Hillside PlazaEdit

Fight 1: BirdieEdit

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Laura: "You look pretty strong. Think you might be up for a match?"

Birdie: "Huh? I'm way too hungry. I'm not going to fight."

Laura: "What if I treat you to a meal if you fight me?"

Birdie: "You really mean it?!"

Laura: "Ah haha!"

Stage 3: Forgotten WaterfallEdit

Fight 3: RyuEdit

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Ryu: "If you want."

Laura: "I knew you'd be fun!"

Stage 4: Underground ArenaEdit

Fight 4: ZangiefEdit

Post-Fight InteractionEdit

Laura: "Ah! I feel so good!"

Zangief: "Oh! I think you should have this."

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