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"Here I come! Ora ora! What's the problem? Don't underestimate me! I'm awesome. Woohoo! Piece of cake.
(行くぞオラァ! オラオラァ! どうしたどうした! ナメんじゃねぇぞ! トロ過ぎだぜぇ、ィイヤッホウ! チョー余裕っす。
Ikuzo oraa! Oraoraa! Dou shita-doushita! Namen janee zo! Toro-sugida zee, iiyahhou! Chou yoyuussu.?)
All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade-Button-Start
Dan 0

The Legendary Taunt (挑発伝説 Chouhatsudensetsu?), also known as the Super Taunt and Chouhatsu Densetsu, is one of Dan's Super Combos.


Executed by performing two quarter-forward motions and pressing the taunt button, Dan performs a series of taunts consecutively; the specific taunts vary with the game. One iteration has Dan roll forward and perform a pose, flexing his bicep, then roll again and perform a second such pose. Dan continues to roll and alternate between the two poses several times before performing a slow-motion jump through the air. On landing, Dan displays his signature pose, sticking out his rear end and giving a thumbs-up to the camera with a glint in his smile, making a loud "ping" noise.

The move cannot do any damage, and Dan is fully vulnerable to any attack while the move is in action. However, it can be used to cancel into either of his Ultra Combos in the Street Fighter IV series; a couple of Dan's Trials revolve around comboing regular moves into the Legendary Taunt, and then into his Ultras.


Under most circumstances, the Super Combo is virtually worthless. However, in the Street Fighter IV series, it can potentially be used to lure out inexperienced opponents attempting to take advantage and attack a supposedly unprotected Dan. If the opponent takes the bait, the player can then immediately cancel the Legendary Taunt into either Ultra Combo; the Hissho Buraiken is preferable due to its invincible startup.


Dan-legendaryTAUNTDan-gem-legendtaunt Chohatsudensetsu Legendary taunt


(FUNNY) Street Fighter 4 'Dan's Super Taunt' clip HD (SUPER FUNNY)00:20

(FUNNY) Street Fighter 4 'Dan's Super Taunt' clip HD (SUPER FUNNY)

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