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Lucia (ルシア Rushia?) is a character from the Final Fight series of beat 'em up games. She first appeared in Final Fight 3 as one of the four playable main characters.



Lucia has very long, slender and muscular legs and short, blonde hair. She wears a fighting police outfit consisting of a blue sports bra with a brown vest and fingerless gloves, denim shorts, and tennis shoes. Her eyes are brown in the cutscenes and official artworks, but her sprite is blue-eyed.

In her Street Fighter V artwork, she wears a similar outfit, except that her bra is now white and her gloves are blue.


A detective in the SCU (Special Crimes Unit) from the Metro City Police Department, Lucia interrupts Haggar as he's talking with Guy, noticing him that the city is under attack and joining up with them to defeat the Skull Cross Gang as gratitude for Haggar having previously cleared her of a false corruption charge. She is not very good at housekeeping and cooking, so she usually eats at a Vietnamese restaurant or prepares instant noodles.

Gameplay and fighting styleEdit

Lucia is an agile fighter who utilizes kicks in most of her attacks. She has the ability to emmit flames from her feet. Her super move culminates with an impressive and highly damaging flaming kick.


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  • There exists official artwork of Lucia (along with Maki and Guy's fiancee Rena) doing aerobics with Chun-Li, which suggests that the two may be friends. The fact that both of them are detectives and the resemblance of her moves to Chun-Li's signature move, Hyakuretsukyaku, hints that Lucia may have been a student under Chun-Li.
  • An image of Lucia, Dean and Haggar can be seen in issue one of Udon's Street Fighter Unlimited comic series.[3]


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