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März (メルツ Merutsu?, March) is a member of the Dolls who was captured by Shadaloo and brainwashed to be M. Bison's assassins and bodyguards. Her name is German for March.


Originally from Germany, März is a modest young woman who specializes in both information gathering and recon tactics using her laptop, which she carries in a knapsack. She is often sent to do undercover investigations.

März is extremely shy and isn't good at talking with the others, even with her fellow Dolls. Because of this, she only speaks the necessary minimum and doesn't like to have long conversations, and has a hard time trying to convey her opinions.

März's hair color is purple and she wears the dark blue uniform of the Dolls.


Street Fighter VEdit

März, Decapre, and two Shadaloo soldiers are sent to the Kanzuki Estate to retrieve Karin's piece, but they are defeated and März is captured. Birdie kept watch over her, but Aprile appears to rescue her. Birdie defeats her, but Noembelu takes him down and they escape.

Later, März attempts to stop Rashid from deactivating the Black Moons in the Shadaloo Headquarters, but is defeated. After the Dolls are free from their mind control, März saves Rashid from F.A.N.G and the two appear to fall to their death. F.A.N.G survived, but März's fate is unknown.





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