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The Machine Gun Upper (マシンガンアッパー Mashingan Appaa?), also known as the Hyper Fist, is one of Dee Jay's special attacks, introduced along with him in Super Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade Stick CDU + Arcade Button Punch (Arcade Modifier Tap Arcade Button Punch for more hits)


Machine Gun Upper

Machine Gun Upper hitting Rufus in Super Street Fighter IV.

Executed by charging downward then pressing upward and punch, Dee Jay performs a series of extremely fast uppercuts (""DadadadadadadadaDAH!" in Super Street Fighter II or "LalalalalalalalalalalalaBOOLA!" in Super Street Fighter IV). The strength of the attack depends on the punch button; the light punch does the least damage and stun, and the heavy punch does the most.

The EX Special version introduced in Super Street Fighter IV does five hits on its own, and can get up to eight hits with repeated but precisely timed punch presses. It also acts as a launcher, throwing the opponent into the air where Dee Jay can land additional attacks before the opponent can fall to the ground.


This technique is a good option to finish combos or generally punish missed attacks. In the Street Fighter IV series, it can be used to juggle an opponent into Dee Jay's second Ultra Combo.




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