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Maki Genryusai Psp-maki
Maki, as she appears in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
Maki Genryusai
Birthdate Unknown[1]
Birthplace Japan Japan[1]
Height 5'3" (160 cm)[1]
Weight 106 lbs (48 kg)[1]
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Blood type B[1]
Fighting style Bushin-ryu Ninjutsu[1]
Likes Motorcycles[1], her family, Carlos, Guy, tapioca
Dislikes Waiting for anyone[1], Mad Gear Gang, Retu, troublesome matters, girl treatment matters
Rival(s) Guy (friendly), Rolento, Sakura (SFA3)
Hobbies Tonfa[1], brawling,[2]
Moveset Tengu Daoshi, Hassoukyaku, Reppukyaku, Genko, Shishigari
First game Final Fight 2
"C'mon! Try again! ...I'm still going to dodge it all!"

Maki Genryusai (源柳斉 真紀 Genryūsai Maki?), more commonly known simply as Maki (マキ Maki?) is a video game character in the Final Fight series and the Street Fighter series. Designed as a speedy ninja along the same lines as Guy, Maki made her first appearance in Final Fight 2 where she is fighting alongside Mike Haggar and Carlos Miyamoto; essentially replacing Guy in that game. She returned from a long time of absence and obscurity in Capcom vs. SNK 2, which made Maki notable for being the only original character from the Final Fight sequels to make return appearances in later games. Her profile in Final Fight 2 states that she is 20 years old by then, at least in the western versions.



Maki is the daughter of Genryusai and Rena's younger sister. She is a member of the Bushin-clan along with Guy. She also was a delinquent and the leader of a biker gang in the past.


Maki is a stark contrast in comparison to her sister Rena, being taller and blonde. Her hair tends to be long and held back in a ponytail, her bangs a lighter color than the rest. She wears a red female ninja garb, but designed more in mind for function than flair, showing only her neck and some cleavage, with a wire mesh shirt. Underneath the skirt of her outfit, Maki appears to be wearing matching panties. She wears arm and leg guards with small boots. Her alternate palette in Final Fight 2 changes her outfit color from red to blue.

Since Capcom vs SNK 2, Maki was significantly revamped in terms of outfit and weaponry: she now wears red tennis shoes like the ones worn by Guy in the Street Fighter Alpha series and now wields a tonfa, which was originally a pick-up weapon in Final Fight 2. Her hair is shown to be one complete color now, the leg guards are removed, and the shirt part of her attire is now closed.

An image of Maki in more casual attire exists from Capcom. Herself, Guy, and her sister stand in front of Maki's motorcycle. Here, she wears a black leather halter top that buttons up near her neck and presumably her waist, black biker-style gloves, yellow baggy pants fastened by a black rope, and a long pink bandanna. Her hair isn't tied back in this design and is more of an auburn color retaining the brighter highlights for her bangs, and appears to be crimped.


Maki is best described as a hot-blooded girl who loves to get into street fights, staying true to her past as a delinquent. She also acts very cocky and confident towards her opponents, as shown with her taunting them after winning. She dislikes the fact that Guy became the 39th master of Bushin-ryu; thinking she deserved it more than him and wanting to take the title herself.


Final Fight 2 Edit

Sometime after their defeat in the past, the group called Mad Gear are back on a worldwide scale under Retu's leadership. To take revenge on Guy, the Mad Gear gang starts with kidnapping both Genryusai and Rena - Maki's father and sister. With Guy (Rena's fiancé and Genryusai's student) off training and unable to help, Maki enlists the help of Haggar and Carlos Miyamoto. The three embark on a global search to look for her family's whereabouts and save them while dissolving all of Mad Gear's groups during their journey.

When Maki and the rest arrived in Italy, Maki fought against Rolento. After defeat, Rolento told the trio that her family was being held hostage by Retu in Japan. Maki rushed back to Japan to rescue her family, but are have to beat Retu first. During the final battle with the new leader, Maki fought to defeat him and did to the point that he was kicked with so much strength that one powerful blow sent him flying out of the window. With Retu apparently dead and Mad Gear once again dissolved, Maki finally saved her family.

Street Fighter Alpha 3Edit

Maki's story from Capcom vs. SNK 2 is somewhat expanded upon: she is trying to track down Guy and fight him to settle which of them is the true successor of the Bushin style after the death of her father. However, she lands right in the middle of Guy's affairs with Shadaloo. Maki and Guy fought regardless, but stopped abruptly when both of them sensed the presence of the evil Guy was tasked to vanquish: M. Bison. Maki goes and fights Bison, but is soon overwhelmed when he starts to fight with full power. But before Bison delivers the final blow, Guy suddenly intervenes and manages to drive Bison away. After spouting some irritation towards Guy, she grudgingly thanks him but says that they will continue their fight next time. After Guy leaves, Maki states that she might not be ready to take charge yet, but she will be when Guy and her meet again and that she would win.

Crossover appearances Edit

Capcom vs. SNK 2Edit

As mentioned above, Maki made her long time return in Capcom vs. SNK 2 as a playable character. After her father Genryusai passes away, Maki is trying to find and defeat Guy in order to become the next master of Bushin-ryu. Despite looking for him however, her ending states that Maki was unable to do so, but that she will see him someday.

Comics Edit

Sakura Ganbaru! Edit

Maki also made a prominent appearance in a Street Fighter manga titled Sakura Ganbaru by Masahiko Nakahira, in which she and Sakura fought each other in a tournament. In this appearance, she's shown more akin to her later character design in terms of the shirt and weapon choice.

UDON comics Edit

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Animations Edit

Street Fighter cartoon Edit

She also has made an non-speaking cameo in the Street Fighter cartoon along with Carlos, cheering in the stands.

Gameplay/Fighting styleEdit

Maki's moveset was expanded significantly since Capcom vs SNK 2 while also retaining some trademarks from Final Fight 2; like the Reppukyaku, a spin-kick which takes health from her upon usage.

Like Guy, she is reliant on two important things: speed and mobility. She has two kinds of manual dashes like the Hayakage and Saka Hayakage; both of which have different effects. Combined with her wallmoves like the Hassoukyaku, Maki is leaning on hit-and-run attacks which makes her an effective zoner character.

Quotes Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Maki appeared in the pages of Masahiko Nakahira's Sakura Ganbaru manga  years before her actual comeback in the games. The same happened with Eagle in Nakahira's Street Fighter Alpha manga. Both made their comeback in Capcom vs. SNK 2 with slight redesigns inspired by their manga appearances.
  • Maki's rival battle with Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha 3 is an easter egg towards the Sakura Ganbaru manga, where the two have fought each other.
  • According to Street Fighter Alpha 3, it appears Maki doesn't know Cody very well or if the two even met before; merely asking him if he knows Guy and demands to know where he is.
  • In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Maki shares a special intro against Rolento: when Rolento throws a knife at her, she swats it away and shields herself against a grenade. After asking him if he even tries, they then begin to fight.
  • Maki's hot blooded personality was drastically changed in the English localization of Final Fight 2, in which Maki is described as a peaceful girl who hates fighting in the manual and her intended origin as a delinquent in the past was erased. She reverted to her original characterization as of Capcom vs. SNK 2 and remained as such in subsequent appearances.
  • Maki has a cameo in the Japan stage of Capcom Fighting Evolution.


Final Fight series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha seriesEdit

Capcom vs. SNK series Edit

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