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This is a list of quotes used by Maki.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Ahchoo! I've caught a cold?"
  • "I don't hate you. I just don't care about you!"
  • "Every day is like blank paper, and your blood provides the ink!"
  • "I won't let my boasting get in the way of hurting you!"
  • "I'm not just beautiful, I'm better than you!"
  • "Fighting is such a dirty job. I feel like taking a bath."

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. SakuraEdit


Sakura: My next opponent... It looks like she's got a strong weapon! I wonder if she's one of those female gangsters?

Maki: You're pretty brave to be speaking to me like that! Weapons are a perfect accessory for battle... Let's finish this!


Maki: Whew! You really fight hard! You handled my moves well.

Sakura: Yeah. You use the same moves as someone I fought before... Guy.

Maki: GUY?! You fought with Guy!? Do you know where he is now!?

Sakura: Well... he said the next place he was going was...

vs. GuyEdit


Maki: You! Wait! Well, well, Guy! I found you!

Guy: You... You are Maki.

Maki: Enough chatting! Who is the real successor to the Bushin Style? Let's decide this here! Once and for all.

Guy: Beating you would mean nothing to me... It's to be expected...


Maki: You... You can't be serious!? Why would it be expected!?

Guy: Because there is no way I can lose when evil is on the loose! Therefore, I don't have time for trivial things like this.

Maki: Hmmm... I suppose that is a pretty good excuse, so I will go and put an end to this evil, but when I'm done, there's still one more fight! Don't forget it!

Vs. M. BisonEdit


Bison: Haha! A mind full of memories. Come to stop my ambitions...?

Maki: I don't know why, but you're causing a lot of trouble! I hate to rain on your parade, but it's time to taste defeat!

Bison: Hahaha. Wait a few more minutes! The fun is just about to begin! Until now it's been a parade of weaklings! This'll be wonderful!

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Huh? You want some more? Sigh, I'm tired of the same goons!"
  • "Yep! That's the end of it!"
  • "Hey! Don't worry about it! You know... being weak and all!"
  • "Don't regret losing at all... I wasn't really trying..."
  • "Yep! Mr. Runner-Up! I'll fight you if we ever meet again!"

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "There is a reason why you are known as second in your land..."
  • "Sensei said to knock you out!"
  • "What are you, anyway?! A beast? A human? No, a LOSER!"
  • "Your greatest weakness comes from your greatest strength!"
  • "You're the police?! I could get away with anything here!"
  • "You know Guy, right? Tell me where he is!!"
  • "Your daddy can't save you now, so stop crying his name!"
  • "Maybe you should practice a new style of music like the blues!"
  • "Evil surrounds you..."
  • "I try to respect the elderly, but I can't respect poor skills!"
  • "Both your moves and your hairdo are extreme. Viva America!"
  • "What!? I won? You can't be the real Guy!!"
  • "I start perspiring just by looking at you! Go away!"
  • "I heard you were powerful, I guess I heard wrong."
  • "A copy can never compare to the beauty of the original!"
  • "A cape?! Only wannabe heroes and losers wear capes anymore!"
  • "Are you supposed to be a highly-trained officer of some kind?"
  • "Oops! I should have asked my fortune before hurting you."
  • "Stop being so serious. Relax and enjoy the battle!"
  • "It's only natural you scare people. Just look at your face!"
  • "Weapons are a girl's best friend! Remember that!"
  • "Your motives are pure, but mine are stronger!"
  • "You know what they say, right? "The third time's a charm!""

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