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Mech-Zangief (メカザンギエフ) is a cybernetic version of Zangief who is featured in several Marvel vs. Capcom games. He was introduced in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

Gameplay Edit

Mech-Zangief is an even slower version of Zangief who can't block. To compensate, he takes reduced damage from everything excluding beam-style attacks. He also cannot be knocked down, taking only a slight slowdown when hit by almost anything, and he can use a Yoga Blast-like attack, the Siberian Breath.


Marvel vs. Capcom seriesEdit

In addition to his debut appearance, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes brought the regular Zangief back in and gave him the ability to transform into Mech-Zangief, allowing him to stand a chance against much more speedy characters. He keeps this ability in the sequel.

SNK vs. Capcom seriesEdit

In SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS, a Mech-Zangief (named "Metal Zangief" in the US version) card is present. Its description says that Zangief was given a metal body by Shadaloo, and now he's able to swig vodka and spit it out as a fire breath, and can't defend himself. Zangief regrets his new condition, and hopes to get back to normal.

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit

Mech-Zangief appears again in Super Street Fighter IV as an alternate costume for Zangief.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Mech-Zangief makes a cameo appearance in the Cosmic Elevator stage.[1] This is retained when the stage is ported to Ultra Street Fighter IV.



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