The Meioken (明王拳 Myou'ouken?, "Bright/Wisdom King Fist") is Karin's V-Skill in Street Fighter V.[1]

All appearances Arcade-Button-MPunch+Sf3 kick medium (Changes when holding button)

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Karin using Meioken against Rashid.

Karin lunges forward with a devastating palm strike that dissipates projectiles and knocks down the opponent if it connects, all while helping to build her V-Trigger gauge. By holding down the buttons, players can charge the move for a split second, giving it better hit and block properties.


The charged and the uncharged version of this move each lead to a knock down. It also grants V-Gauge to Karin, whether it hits or gets blocked. It is an excellent poke for Karin. The uncharged version comes out faster, but is unsafe on block. The charged version is much safer, does more damage and has an excellent hitbox. The startup is much slower, compared to the uncharged version. In some cases, the Meioken can be used to end combos as a way to reset the neutral game or to build V-Gauge to aquire Karin's V-Trigger. While it may be risky, this move can also be used to nullify fireballs. If timed just right, the palm strike will cancel projectiles. The Meikoen can be canceled into Karin's V-Trigger, followed by Guren Ken combo.


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