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The Messatsu-Goshoryu (滅殺豪昇龍, Messatsu Gou Shouryuu, "Annihilating Great Rising Dragon") is a special attack used by Akuma and Evil Ryu. It is commonly featured among Akuma's Super Combos and Hyper Combos, along with the Messatsu Gou Hadou.

It was introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series as a Super Combo belonging to Akuma and Evil Ryu, appeared as one of Akuma's Super Arts in the Street Fighter III series, and again as Evil Ryu's 2nd Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

Cyber Akuma's variant in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is dubbed the Scramble Gou Punch.


Super Combo/Super ArtEdit

Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch

Ultra ComboEdit

Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick x3


The Messatsu-Goshoryu is functionally a stronger version of the Shoryureppa, with a similar series of Goshoryuken. In later Marvel vs. Capcom games, the move can scorch the foe with dark purple flames.

Street Fighter Alpha seriesEdit

The Level 1 and 2 versions consist of two Shoryukens, while the Level 3 has three Shoryukens.

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

From Street Fighter III on, the move resembles the Level 3 version seen in the Alpha series.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionEdit

Evil Ryu begins the combo by shouting "Die!", and performs three Shoryukens. If the first two Shoryukens hit, an animation similar to Akuma's Misogi plays after the third Shoryuken, in which he charges ki in his hand and uses it to slam his opponent into the ground while yelling "Death's embrace awaits!". He then pulls his hand from their face/head. If it's badly timed as an anti-air, or from a distance, Ryu simply performs the original Messatsu-Goshoryu.

The damage output can vary depending on how many hits are landed. The first Shoryuken does more damage than the second, but both must land for the full animation to play. The original functions the same as a Shoryureppa, with a third Shoryuken.

Asura's WrathEdit

Most recently, the attack appeared as an Ultra Combo available for Evil Ryu in his boss battle against Asura in the Asura's Wrath DLC episode "Lost Episodes 1: At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me". The attack is performed similarly to how it was in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, though there are many major differences.

If the move hits, the third Goshoryuken launches Asura high into the air, with Evil Ryu's fist still connected to Asura's chest. Finally, Ryu finishes the attack by charging for his final punch, indicated by the collection of dark energy, and punches Asura in the face, slamming him back to the ground. Once they hit the ground, Evil Ryu releases the power from his punch, resulting in the huge piece of rock the two are fighting on - previously uprooted by one of Augus's attacks - being pushed back into the ground again. Evil Ryu then kicks the downed Asura away from him.

The attack is unblockable, uncounterable, and deals roughly 35% damage on Normal difficulty, and almost 80% damage on Hard.


Akuma-super-dragon1 Akuma-sa2 Akuma-gem-shoryureppa Scramble Gou Punch


SSF4 AE - EVIL RYU - ULTRA 2(00:16)
Messatsu Gou Shouryuu in Asura's Wrath(00:32)
Messatsu-Goshoryu in Asura's Wrath
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