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The Messiah Kick (救世主キック Kyuuseishu Kikku?) is one of Rufus' special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick (+ Arcade-Button-LKick, Sf3 kick medium or Sf3 kick hard for followup)



Messiah Kick.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, this move is a flying kick during from a twirling midair dance into a splits-landing with a long range that can be followed up with three different attacks, depending on what kick button is pressed when followed up: light kick has Rufus will followup with a launching backflip kick which has the ability to break armor; medium kick has Rufus followup with a sweep that hits low; and heavy kick has Rufus followup with a falling axe kick that goes over low attacks. The backflip is the fastest of the follow-up moves, while the delay of the sweep and axe kick can serve to confuse opponents for the purpose of wakeup games and/or mixup.

The startup time and horizontal distance are determined by the kick button pressed during the initial input, with heavier kicks meaning longer startup but greater distances as well.

The EX Special version has no startup time, has Rufus hit the opponent more times during the diagonal twirl motion before the kick, possesses high priority and allows a faster input of its respective followup kicks.


The latter two options can be used as backup if the opponent blocks, as Rufus is normally vulnerable after the kick. If the backflip successfully combos, Rufus can Dash Cancel it, which allows him to follow up with his first Ultra Combo. The move can also serve to punish most low and mid attacks.




Street Fighter 4 Rufus - Messiah Kick00:27

Street Fighter 4 Rufus - Messiah Kick

A demonstration of Messiah Kick and its follow-up kicks.

Messiah Kick Priority00:07

Messiah Kick Priority

EX Messiah Kick's priority compared to Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken.

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