Metro City is a major location in the Street Fighter and Final Fight series. A city located on the East Coast of the USA, it is home to many of the characters in both franchises. It was first introduced in the original Final Fight.

Districts and LandmarksEdit


Map of Metro City from Final Fight.

The original Final Fight depicted Metro City as being divided up into six districts:


Debug menu from Final Fight 3 depicting the game's areas and how they connect

The game progresses through subsections of each of these districts.

Final Fight 3 went into further detail on the locales of the city, introducing seven further locations:

All of these locations are presumably within the six main districts (for example the Ship is presumably within the Bay Area), though this obviously cannot be confirmed and China Town does not have any obvious connection to any of the districts.

In Final Fight: Streetwise, Metro City is divided in four areas: Kyle's Hood, Pier District, Little Italy, and Japantown.

In Super Street Fighter IV, the Skyscraper Under Construction stage reveals that Metro City has built a giant bronze statue of Mike Haggar. In Ultra Street Fighter IV, the Mad Gear Hideout stage, within a kabuki theatre, may also be located in Metro City.

In the crossover fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, due to the actions of Ultron Sigma, Metro City is merged with Marvel's iteration of New York City, becoming New Metro City. However, Marvel's Avengers Tower, much like Sigma's territory of Abel City from Mega Man X where rest of Abel City locations merged with Marvel's iteration of Asgard into Xgard are the only known locations that hasn't been affected by the convergence.

Culture and EconomyEdit

A lifetime spent in decay has caused Metro City to be renowned as a "crime capital" and many of the streets are simply ruled by gangs. Cage fighting and other illegal underground bloodsports can be found in locations around the city. After the events of Final Fight 3, Haggar's administration appears to have undertaken the rebuilding and several construction sites have been seen as stages in Metro City in the Street Fighter series.


  • Although Guy's stages in Street Fighter Alpha 2 is supposed to take place in Metro City, on the world map it is depicted as being on the West coast of the USA. According to the map provided by the original Final Fight, Metro City is on the Atlantic Coast, so Guy's stage is in the wrong place, despite artwork claiming that the stage indeed does take place there. This is either due to developer error or a Final Fight 2-style situation where Haggar and co. have chased the Mad Gear around the world.
  • Metro City seems to be heavily based on Manhattan Island in New York City. Both share many features including both being relatively close to the Atlantic Ocean, a similar island silhouette, similar boroughs and districts around the city, a large park in the middle of the city, and a statue of liberty on an island off the coast of the main city.


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