"Ha ha ha! I'm strongest!"
Not to be confused with Balrog, whose name in Japanese is Mike or Haggar, whose nickname is also Mike.

Mike (マイク?) is a non-playable character from the Street Fighter series who first appeared in the original Street Fighter game as one of the ten computer-controlled opponents.


Heavyweight boxer Mike spent some time in prison for robbery. During his time there, he learnt to box. When he was set free, he started to look for fights in order to raise money to help the poor in addition to contributing to his community by teaching children how to box. He loves his family and has a good relationship with his sister who is five years younger than him.[1]


  • The African-American character and the Caucasian character featured in the original Street Fighter II intro were initially believed to be Mike and Joe from the very first game. However, the Street Fighter V website later revealed that they were separate characters named Max and Scott, respectively.[2]
  • Up until their new artwork was released for the Street Fighter V website, Mike and Joe were the only fighters never to be officially featured in any other Street Fighter related media outside the original game.
  • Due to his appearance, moveset and Japanese name, Balrog was speculated to have been an updated version of Mike. However, Capcom has insisted that, despite these similarities, they were always intended to be two separate characters. The Street Fighter World Warrior Encyclopedia (hardcover version) lists them as separate individuals[3] as does the Street Fighter V website, which has a separate character page for Mike and redesigned artwork for him.[1]
  • Mike slightly resembles Mr. Sandman from the Punch-Out!! series by Nintendo.
    • Coincidentally, Mr. Sandman is also based off an African-American boxer, in his case, Muhammad Ali.

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