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The Mine Sweeper is one of Rolento's special attacks, introduced as one of his Super Combos in the Street Fighter Alpha series, exclusively to his A-ISM Super Combo Gauge, and will return with the same function in the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter Alpha series Super Combo Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Punch
Ultra Street Fighter IV Super Combo To be announced


Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward motions and pressing punch, Rolento rolls backwards ("Ready!"), dropping grenades as he does so ("Fire!"). These grenades explode almost immediately, in a wave which juggles the opponent towards from one explosion to another, should the first explosion connect properly.

How far back he rolls and how many mines he drops are determined by the level of the Super Combo in the Alpha series, and by the punch button used in Ultra Street Fighter IV .


Epic Super Clash Episode 7 - SFA2
Adon's Level 3 Jaguar Revolver against Rolento's Level 3 Mine Sweeper in Street Fighter Alpha 2.
Because the bombs land only along the path Rolento rolls, the attack must usually be performed at close range to the opponent in order to hit with them. Even if the opponent blocks, the force of the explosions will usually push them towards a waiting Rolento.

The attack is also effective against jumping opponents if timed correctly - an opponent who jumps in and/or attempts to cross-up Rolento) will be caught in a wave of explosions that will leave them vulnerable to any assortment of juggles.

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