The Moonsault Press (ムーンサルトプレス Muunsaruto Puresu?) is one of Hugo's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter III series.

All appearances Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Punch


Moonsault Press

Hugo about to come crashing down on Yang in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing a full circle motion for either side and pressing punch, Hugo lunges at the opponent attempting to grab them; if successful, he jumps straight up high into the air with the opponent in his arms and performs a backwards somersault before descending belly-down and landing arms outstretched, crushing the opponent beneath his gargantuan mass.

There are slight differences in range and damage between the different punch buttons; the light punch version has the most range but least damage; the heavy punch version has the least reach but most damage; and the medium punch is somewhere in-between.

The EX Special version introduced in Ultra Street Fighter IV combines the range of light punch version with the damage of the medium punch version. While it has more startup frames, it is strike invincible until the first active frame.


The moonsault is a wrestling technique, also referred to as a back flip slash. The standard moonsault usually has the user perform a backflip, landing on his opponent from the top rope.


The attack is one of the mainstays of Hugo's arsenal and, like most of his special attacks, deals massive amounts of damage.





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