This is a page listing Necalli's references in general pop culture since his debut in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter Edit

  • Necalli is similar to Ryu's alternate form Evil Ryu.
    • Both are cold-blooded antagonists who grow more powerful when angered and often attempt to get Ryu to give in to the Satsui no Hado.
    • Both attack and kill people through their souls, in which Necalli devours souls while Evil Ryu uses the Raging Demon to destroy their soul. They both have a Super Art where they gather dark energy from their palms and strike their opponent with it.
    • Both have a mixed hair color of black and red and yellow eyes.
    • Both were ultimately overcome by Ryu using the Power of Nothingness in the Kanzuki Estate at night in Street Fighter V.
    • Both were created to be an evil counterpart to Ryu.

Capcom games Edit

  • Necalli is similar to Asura from Capcom's 3D beat em' up game Asura's Wrath.
    • Both of them have a 'savage' style of fighting.
    • Necalli's V-Trigger makes his body glow similar to how Asura glows in his unlimited mode.
    • Both characters grab their opponents by the face and drag them while they're on the ground.
    • Both characters are deities in their own right; Asura is the Demi-God of Wrath, while Necalli is the Emissary of the Gods.
    • Both of them become more powerful when angered.
  • When Necalli activates his V-Trigger, his scars glow red. This is similar to the Deviljho's rage mode, a monster from the Monster Hunter series.

Other video games Edit

  • Necalli shares some similarities to Kotal Kahn from the Mortal Kombat series.
    • Both of them are based on the Aztec society. Both of them seem to have their bodies glow as well (in Necalli's case, it is his V-Trigger, while in Kotal Kahn's case, it depends on his Kombat variation he is played on). Both of them also revert to things that deals with sacrifice (Necalli lifts his opponents up in the air to the sun as a sign of sacrifice, while Kotal Kahn cuts himself to gain more damage). Both also wear attires that are based on the Aztec society. And both have two skin colors: one human-like with markings and one unnatural skin tone.
  • Necalli also shares some similarities to two fighters from the Tekken series, Ogre and Gigas.
    • Necalli and Ogre share their roles as being Gods from Aztec myths, which Necalli is described in his story as being the Emissary of Gods while Ogre is a God of Fighting. Both men wear loincloths as a part of their fighting attire and they also speak with a visible stutter (though Ogre speaks in an alien language). Necalli's hair color during his V-Trigger is also similar to Ogre's in his ancient appearance. Both of their roles are different which Necalli is devouring souls while Ogre is slaughtering the fighters and absorb their souls, or copy their fighting skills into him.
      • Necalli's role in his prologue story is much like Ogre's in terms of absorbing the fighters' souls.
    • Necalli's hairstyle is tied in six locs which are held together in gold ringlets while Gigas has six long black tentacles which are attached on the part of his black armor, shoulder armor, and his black steel collar. Both men also have a violent style of fighting and their fighting styles are completely different which Necalli uses a mixture between feral brawling and wrestling while Gigas uses a hybrid form of Vale Tudo and sheer brute force. Both men also can face grab to their opponent as their special attacks.

Comics and Manga Edit

  • Necalli's Critical Art resembles the comic book Marvel character Wolverine's "Berserker Barrage X Super" attack from his crossover appearances in Marvel vs. Capcom series.
  • Necalli bears a resemblance (during Torrent of Power) to Kars from the manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure , also sharing his Mexican origins and body manipulation abilities. It is likely that this was the most direct inspiration for Necalli's design, as Capcom has a history of creating Jojo-inspired characters such as Guile and Rose.
  • Necalli appears to resemble Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi in the spirit cards from Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Animations Edit

  • Necalli also bears a slight resemblance to Disney's version of Tarzan.

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