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This is a list of quotes used by Necalli.

Street Fighter V Edit

Character SelectEdit

  • "Strong souls..."

Intro Edit

  • "Devour-our-our..."
  • "To discover strong souls..." (Training Mode)
  • "An eternal prison..." (Training Mode)


  • "Make your sacrifice-fice-fice..."

Critical Art Edit


  • "Bite you up into pieces!"
  • "Hurt you...HURT!" (V-Trigger)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Your soul, too, will be de... devoured."
  • "The souls of wa... warriors will return to my stomach."
  • "I am Necalli. I consume a... all before me."
  • "My stomach will not be fi... filled by such weakness."
  • "Getepe!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "Flail with all your might, but you are po... powerless to resist me."
  • "My stomach will not be fi... filled by weak souls."
  • "Just a small bite. Far too me... meager to stop me."
  • "Don't st... struggle. There is no escape from me."
  • "Not even the flames of the gods can ha... halt my attack."
  • "You cannot hope to da... damage me with the poisons of this world."
  • "Such polished battle techniques de... deserve to be gorged upon."
  • "Do not wa... wail so. I will soon co... consume your fledgling soul."
  • "A soul of pure evil... It will no... nourish me well."
  • "The powerful are nothing more than my su... sustenance. Such is the way."
  • "Give u... up. I'll dr... drink your flames."
  • "There is nothing I cannot consume. I will co... consume all."
  • "Living or dead, in my stomach all are equal. There's no es... escape."
  • "In my stomach, even the most heroic screams di... dissolve and vanish."
  • "Not even the most ra... raging gales can dispel my darkness."
  • "You can never ho... hope to cut me with such a feeble blade."
  • "My jaw can re... rend even a body made of steel."

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