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This is a list of quotes used by Necro.

Street Fighter III games Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I'm in pain!"
  • "Get outta my way or I'll tear you limb from limb!"
  • "My rage was like a white inferno of anger. You will burn..."
  • "Apologize while you can, idiot! Say you're sorry for all your crimes and I might spare you..."
  • "I'll win by any means necessary. I will survive!"
  • "No mercy to weekend warriors!"
  • "Wasn't that cool?! I saw your sweat crackle!"

Super Arts Quotes Edit

Electric SnakeEdit

  • "You fell for it... Bad footwork means being a victim of the Electric Snake!"
  • "Electric Strike Finish! Wow... That felt great!"

Magnetic StormEdit

  • "It's time to finish this! Electric Shock Storm!!!!!"
  • "You've felt the Shock Storm! Now tell me who's the greatest fighter of all!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

vs. GillEdit


Necro: So you're the one who did this to me... Gill...

Gill: Ah! Necro.... Do you have the strength to attain your freedom?

vs. IbukiEdit


Ibuki: Are you that stretching cyborg? Tell me where to find your boss!

Necro: How about I charge you with electromagnetic power instead?

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "I can't believe the kinds of lunatics I have to deal with nowadays... You make me sick!"
  • "Your excellent training shows, but what can you do against my shocking abnormalities?"
  • "Why do you want to be friends with me?! I can't be your friend, so deal with it!"
  • "We might both be freaks, but I haven't lost my soul as you have."
  • "Hey there! You are way too big!"
  • "I'll do anything to win my freedom, even if it means fighting girls. Nothing personal, OK?"
  • "You are so reckless. I can't imagine how you could win."
  • "You are nothing but a cheap copy who cannot hope to beat me, the original!"
  • "I see you didn't bring a coffin with you. Don't expect me to go out of my way for you, old man!"
  • "Take it easy! You seem to try too hard!"
  • "You're a bit rude... Are you selfish as well? Tell me why you fight..."
  • "Does it hurt you more when I shock you, or when I dent you? Ask your body."
  • "Ahh, to be young and free. Could you feel the burning rage in my fist?"
  • "Are you mocking me just because you are young? Or should I take it personally?"

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "A little battery won't kill ya...Or will it?"
  • "When I realized I was no longer alone, I became determined to win!"
  • "What's that aroma? That's the smell of freshly cooked brain matter!"
  • "I'm long and strong! To challenge me would be so wrong!"
  • "The pain of sensitively of the flesh varies, were does it hurt the most?"
  • "Freedom was once just a dream, now I can fight to achieve it."
  • "if you thought that was abnormal. Wait until you see THIS!!"
  • "You think I'm a freak?! You should see some of these other characters!"

Rival Dialogue Edit

Necro vs. Twelve Edit

Necro: "Stop already! It's time for you to show your true self!"

Necro: "It's clear to me! Gill was the one who sent you, right?!"

Twelve: ". . . . . . . . ."

Necro: "I won't lose to a mass production model, even if you are "perfect"!"

Necro: "I'll put what's left of you in a box that I will send to Gill!"

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