Emperor Nuakan (帝王ヌアカン Teiō Nuakan?) is a character from the Street Fighter series, introduced through the Street Fighter V character profiles.


Nuakan is a tall and strong man, and despite his bulk, he has great stamina and is able to move at high speed. His special move is an invincible knee kick named the Hanuman Kick (ハヌマンキック?).


Nuakan was born in a poor village, but following a harsh training led him to become a legend known as the Emperor of Muay Thai. He often confronts other warriors, taking them down. One day, a young Sagat challenged him in the Khmer Ruins and managed to win, gaining his title of the Emperor of Muay Thai.[1][2]

Trivia Edit

  • Nuakan's name is listed as "Nakan" on the english translation of his Street Fighter V profile, however, this may be a mistranslation.



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