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"Take this! (避けてみぃ! Sakete mii!?)"

The Oil Coaster (オイルコースター Oiru Koosutaa?) is Hakan's first Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick 360Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Punch x3
Oiled 530
Unoiled 480


Executed by pressing two full circle motions for either side and all three punch buttons, Hakan attempts to grab the opponent; if successful, he uses an Oil Rocket attack and when the opponent falls back down, Hakan catches them and slides them around his oily body like a hula hoop, with increasing speed.

As they reach top speed, he then scoops them up with the back of his hand and allows them to continue to slide along his arm, across his shoulders, shooting along the other arm and firing them face-first like a missile into the invisible "wall" of the stage ("That's it, fly away!").


Super Street Fighter 4 - Hakan Ultra 1 Oil Coaster00:18

Super Street Fighter 4 - Hakan Ultra 1 Oil Coaster

Oil Coaster (Japanese voices).


  • When oiled, this is the most damaging Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV.

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