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The Oil Dive (オイルダイブ Oiru Daibu?) is one of Hakan's special attacks in the Street Fighter IV series. He also has a more powerful version of this move as his Super Combo.

All appearances Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Kick (Punch hold Arcade Button Kick to change timing)



Hakan grabbing Abel.

Executed by performing a full-circle motion in either direction and pressing kick, Hakan runs in place, then leaps through the air at the opponent while attempting to grab them. If Hakan manages to grab the opponent, they will both land on the ground and Hakan will slide them both into the edge of the screen, smashing the opponent's head against the invisible "wall" at the end of the stage.

The amount of damage inflicted and the distance covered by the jump are determined by the kick button pressed, with light kick doing the least damage and distance, and heavy kick doing the most. How long Hakan runs in place is also determined by how long the kick button is held; however, if the kick button is not released after a certain amount of time, Hakan will leap forward anyway.

The EX Special version does even more damage and covers even more distance.

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