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This is a list of quotes used by Oni.

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Edit


  • "I shall grind beneath my heel all that exists!"

Intros (unused)[1]Edit

  • "Hmmmm... Who is it that has summoned me?"
  • "I shall consume your very soul."
  • "Hmmmm... Show me your power."
  • "Now, prepare to die."


Oni: "Whoooooaaah..."

(A tree explodes from Oni's presence and a crow drops dead.)

Oni: "Ooooooaaaaahhh!"

(Oni looks at the sky.)

Oni: "I am evil incarnate!"

Rival DialogueEdit

(No rival cutscene is present in Oni's story)

Finish QuotesEdit

  • Oni: "Fade into the mist."
  • Oni (If finishing with a Super): "Humanity is of no use to Evil Incarnate!"
  • Oni (If finishing with an Ultra): "Do not fear death's embrace!"

Other QuotesEdit

  • "I am a demon." (Match Start)
  • "GOUKEN!" (Ultra Activation)
  • "Stare into the face of death!" (Last hit of Tenchi Sokaigen)
  • "Feel my wrath!" (Full Charged Focus Attack)
  • "I'll bury you!" (when super gauge is full)
  • "End this."
  • "Death awaits."
  • "Die!" (When activates super)
  • "Do not toy with me." (When rival is stunned)
  • "Coward."
  • "Foolishness."
  • "Your time has run out!" (Raging Demon KO/Kill)


(No line is said in this. Inside a volcano, all Oni does is jump, hit the floor with a chop and let the volcano explode in an eruption while taking off to the skies from inside the lava without showing any apparent damage while laughing and screaming)


  • "I am not yet finished!"

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "You are but a child."
  • "Grrrrrrr!"
  • "Die, human."
  • "Such weakness."
  • "Bow to me!"
  • "Death awaits you."
  • "Embrace your doom!"
  • "Powerless!"
  • "Mrrrruuuuhh!"
  • "Kneel before me!"

Win QuotesEdit

Round WinEdit

  • "Weakling!"
  • "Such weakness."
  • "Bow down! Worm."
  • "I am not human."

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Oni has no equal."
  • "Oni's power is true."
  • "Oni's voice shall be as thunder."
  • "Pray for divine intervention."
  • "Return to dust."
  • "This is your demise."
  • "You shall perish before Oni."
  • "Become a part of Oni."
  • "Fade into nothingness."
  • "Oni controls all it surveys."
  • "Oni has finished your battle."

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "You lack the power to defeat Oni."
  • "Your bark is like a child's cry."
  • "Death is the same for man and beast."
  • "Your tricks are all in vain."
  • "I am Oni. My power surpasses yours."
  • "There are things which mere humans simply cannot understand."
  • "Receive your reward for your mistakes."
  • "To challenge Oni with such conceit..."
  • "You have used up all your good fortune."
  • "I no longer have bonds with humans." (Boss form)
  • "Your fate lies twisting in my hand."
  • "Bushinryu will fade with the rest of this diseased world."
  • "Roast in the fires of the underworld."
  • "Oni shall destroy you for your naivety."
  • "It is your destiny to perish at my hand."
  • "I am the true Oni."
  • "It's impossible to tell Oni's future."
  • "This is your demise."
  • "Offer your power to Oni."
  • "Oni has already transcended this world."
  • "Kneel before me and accept your fate."
  • "Your short sightedness is regrettable."

Pre-fight Quotes (as a boss)Edit

  • "Show me the extent of your power."
  • "Fool, I've evolved beyond you."
  • "Foolish mortal. Leave my sight."
  • "Your moves are but insect stings."
  • "Your ideals are worthless, worm!"
  • "As long as you hold back, your destruction is assured."
  • "You are nothing but a farce. Die."
  • "Your gods cannot protect you."
  • "Let's find out how strong Sumo is."
  • "Your fists... They cannot harm a demon."
  • "I shall ignite your oil with my demonic flames."
  • "Let us see, child, if your training has paid off."
  • "I'll see you in hell. Now burn!"
  • "Destiny... It has brought you here. To die!"
  • "Boy, your journey ends here."
  • "I shall enjoy matching wits with you."
  • "You've come far, but your journey ends here."
  • "Your spirits... they will not protect you."
  • "Vanity shall be your downfall, fool."
  • "My moves, boy, you will not see coming."
  • "If you face a demon, you must be ready to die."
  • "You're strong, but your defeat is inevitable."

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

Prefight (as a boss)Edit

  • "Your moves are but insect stings."
  • "Your spirits... They will not protect you."
  • "You're strong, but your defeat is inevitable"
  • "Foolish mortal. Leave my sight."

Win QuotesEdit

  • "An almighty deity cannot be defeated in ordinary combat."
  • "A deity such as myself is no prisoner to the laws of nature or the universe!"
  • "Strength of the flesh is no match for the power of a deity!"
  • "You have wasted the time of a god! Death is too good for you!"
  • "Your weapons are useless against a deity incarnate."

Asura's WrathEdit

Oni: "Waga Ki, Bankai Ni Michitari! (I alone have mastered the art of combat!)"

(Oni jumps out of the rubble.)

Oni: "(My murderous intent shall never fade!)"

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