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"Gettin' all warmed up."
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Overhaul is Alex's V-Skill in Street Fighter V.


Executed by pressing both medium buttons simultaneously, Alex briefly works out his shoulder in identical fashion to his taunt in Street Fighter III, powering up his next attack in the process.

The next move that Alex lands within a few seconds of using the V-Skill will gain the properties of a Counter Hit, even when it normally wouldn't. As a result, move deals extra damage, stun, and hitstun, turning almost any normal move into a combo starter. Heavier attacks will sometimes behave like a Crush Counter, giving Alex a large frame advantage in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • The game will list any move powered by Overhaul as a Hard Hit, rather than a Counter or Crush Counter.
  • The move is loosely based on his Street Fighter III taunt; in that game, Alex's next move does not deal extra stun or hitstun, but the effect of the taunt instead stacks up to four times.

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