The Houyokukyaku (鳳翼脚 Houyokukyaku?, Feng Wing Leg) is one of Chun-Li's special attacks, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick

Description Edit

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Chun-Li will perform two Hyakuretsukyaku and then will make a jump with kick, similar to Rear Spin Kick. The kick button pressed determines the scope of the move. The light version goes to a small portion near of Chun-Li. The medium version reaches up to a distance slightly less than half the screen. The heavy version covers a distance of almost the entire screen. All versions have three hits.

In the EX version, Chun-Li will preform the Houyoku Sen. This version has 7 hits and costs two EX bars to be made.

Tactics Edit

This movement can be canceled with a jump to continue combos. The damage is not too great. The opponent must be FADC into however in order to continue the combo. If the opponent defends, Chun-Li may suffer the opponent's counterattacks.

Gallery Edit

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