The Pan-American Fighting Championship[1] (全米格闘選手権 Zenbei Kakutō Senshuken?, "National Fighting Championship"), also known as the All-American Martial Arts Tournament, is a martial arts tournament mentioned multiple times throughout the Street Fighter series.


Not much is known about the Pan-American tournament. All that is known is that fighters are gathered from the American continent to compete for the title of champion. It's not held at any specific time interval, but it often occurs close to when the World Fighting Championship happens.


The tournament is mostly mentioned in Ken's backstory, as he has was declared champion three times in a row. The first was during the original Street Fighter, where he had his victory by performing his first ever Shoryureppa. This victory made him famous, and he met Eliza soon after, as depicted in his Street Fighter Alpha ending.

He won the tournament again at an unknown point in time, and the third time was at the end of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, where he set a new record for the most amount of consecutive wins. Eliza also praises Ken for this accomplishment. Sean also participated in this tournament, but he could not make it past the preliminaries. Ken offers the trophy to Sean, but Sean declines it, saying he wants to win for himself.

Known ParticipantsEdit

  • Charlie Nash - Has a history of being the "veteran" champion of the tournament.
  • Ken - Three-time champion, holds the record for the most consecutive wins.
  • Allen Snider - Defeated by Ken in the first match of one of the tournaments.[2]
  • Sean - Participated in the third known tournament and lost in the preliminaries.
  • Gerald Golby - Lost to Ken in the finals of the third known tournament.



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