Peach assault

R. Mika and Yamato using Peach Assault on Ken.

Peach Assault (バッドリーピーチ Baddorii Piichi?) is R. Mika's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward motions and pressing punch, R. Mika grabs the opponent and throws them to fellow wrestler and tag-team partner Yamato Nadeshiko, who throws them into the air. As the opponent falls down head-first, R. Mika and Yamato run towards each other, jump and launches themselves buttocks-first at either side of the opponent's head, and falls with him/her on the ground. This attack hits three times.

Trivia Edit

  • As seen in the final versions, R. Mika executing her Critical Art by slapping her buttocks on front was edited, being replaced by a quick slap at the left side of her buttocks while herself was shown in camera. Mika and Nadeshiko also no longer pull the opponent's legs into a split upon landing. This decision came from the team internally.[1]

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