The 'Peach Gator is R. Mika's V-Reversal in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V

Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Kick x3 (During guard)

Description Edit


R. Mika's Peach Gator against Cammy in Street Fighter V.

By blocking an attack, performing a directional forward and pressing the button equivalent to three kicks, R. Mika will kick the opponent in the stomach. If the kick hits, she then grabs her opponent by the head, turns around and drops to a seated position, forcing their neck to drop down on her shoulder.

Trivia Edit

  • In professional wrestling, this move is called a "three-quarter facelock jawbreaker". It was originally popularized by retired WWE professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who called it the "Stone Cold Stunner". The kick portion of the attack is a direct homage, as the entire sequence was Austin's signature attack.

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