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Phantom Bison, or Phantom Vega (ファントム ベガ Fantomu Bega?)[1], is a form M. Bison takes after his body is destroyed, his consciousness living on in an incorporeal form through Psycho Power. Despite the lack of a physical body, his will and power remain intact.



Phantom Bison looks nearly identical to M. Bison's appearance in his physical body, save for the fact that he is now a transparent shade of purple.


Even though he is in a non-corporeal state, his megalomaniacal personality remains the same, still having his like of world domination and dislikes of weak people and incompetent underlings.[1]


Street Fighter VEdit

A Shadow FallsEdit

Phantom Bison appears in the beginning of Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls in the form of an illusion fought by Nash upon reawakening. He uses a near-identical moveset to his playable counterpart.

His Street Fighter V profile states that at the end of the Story Mode, after Bison's body was destroyed by Ryu, his consciousness remained, turning to an incorporeal form.


  • Despite M. Bison's birthday being stated as April 7 by various sources, Phantom Bison's profile lists his birthday as unknown.

References Edit

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