Phantom Bison, or Phantom Vega (ファントム ベガ Fantomu Bega?)[1], is a form M. Bison takes after his body is destroyed, his consciousness living on in an incorporeal form through Psycho Power. Despite the lack of a physical body, his will and power remain intact.



Phantom Bison looks nearly identical to M. Bison's appearance in his physical body, save for the fact that he is now a transparent shade of purple.


Even though he is in a non-corporeal state, his megalomaniacal personality remains the same, still having his like of world domination and dislikes of weak people and incompetent underlings.[1]


Street Fighter V Edit

A Shadow FallsEdit

Phantom Bison appears in the beginning of A Shadow Falls in the form of an illusion fought by Nash upon reawakening. He uses a near-identical moveset to his playable counterpart.

His Street Fighter V profile states that at the end of the Story Mode, after Bison's body was destroyed by Ryu, his consciousness remained, turning to an incorporeal form.

Character StoryEdit

Phantom Bison appears in Ed's character story. After the events of A Shadow Falls, Phantom Bison appears and haunts Ed, trying to take over his body. Ed fights the spirit, and is victorious. It is unknown what happened to Phantom Bison afterwards.


  • Despite M. Bison's birthday being stated as April 7 by various sources, Phantom Bison's profile lists his birthday as unknown.

References Edit

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