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Philippe (フィリップ?) is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 2.


Philippe is a thin but well-muscled man with a painted face and curly red hair (which, considering that he is a clown, is probably fake). He wears a yellow jacket and a black belt over a black dress shirt with a dark blue collar, as well as a top hat, a blue and white striped necktie, tight green pants, and striped socks. He carries a white cane that he uses as a weapon.


Final FightEdit

Philippe worked for the R&B Circus and used his connections to smuggle supplies to the reformed Mad Gear Gang. He burst out of a shipping container on a train in England and attacked Haggar, Maki, and Carlos, but was defeated.

Fighting styleEdit

Philippe makes good use of his reach and agility in a fight. He uses his cane to strike enemies from a distance, and will grab them and bash them in the head with it repeatedly if they get too close. He also has a sliding kick that instantly knocks enemies down.



Philippe (FF2) Model


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