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  • 1
    Sagat created the Street Fighter tournament to test his title as what?
    • The Emperor of Muay Thai
    • The King of Fighters
    • Master of the Tiger Style
    • Onaga the Dragon King
    The Emperor of Muay Thai
    Sagat won the title of the Emperor of Muay Thai from Nuah Kahn and became a national hero in his native Thailand. Sagat cared so much for this title that he created the tournament to cement his reputation.
  • 2
    The original Street Fighter had the player challenge fighters from five different countries. Which of these countries was on that list?
    • Saudi Arabia

    • Mexico

    • England

    • Finland

    Players had to go to England to fight Birdie, a hulking bouncer, and Eagle, a club-wielding bodyguard, if they wanted to have a chance at winning the Street Fighter tournament.
  • 3
    Ryu uses the Ansatsuken fighting style to pulverize his opponents. Which move helped him defeat Sagat in the original tournament?
    • Hadouken

    • Shoryuken

    • Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

    • Hadou no Kamae

    Ryu was able to land a Shoryuken or Dragon Punch on Sagat to turn the tide of their epic battle in the original Street Fighter tournament. This blow left Sagat with a large scar across his chest and caused Sagat to vow revenge against Ryu.
  • 4
    Which member of the Street Fighter cast was invited to be an honorary member of the X-Men in the Marvel vs. Capcom storyline?
    • Chun-Li

    • Ken

    • Elena

    • Zangief

    Chun-li was brought into the X-Men as an honorary member despite the fact that she is not a mutant. Ryu was also offered a position in both the X-men and the Avengers, but he turned them down to continue on his path to fight the world's strongest fighters.
  • 5
    The Street Fighter movie follows the conflict between the Allied Nations and the ex-drug lord General M. Bison in what fictional country?
    • Yirrkala

    • Kontea

    • Stromsbruk

    • Shadaloo

    The conflict occurs in Shadaloo. Shadaloo is shown on a map in the movie as being a part of Burma, but the film was shot entirely in Thailand.
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