Psycho Blast

M.Bison using it on Nash.

EX Psycho Blast

The EX version of it.

The Psycho Blast (サイコブラスト Saiko Burasuto?) is a move M. Bison has in Street Fighter V. [1]

All appearances Arcade Stick CBArcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Punch (Changes during V-Trigger)


M. Bison releases a large Psycho Power explosion from his hand as a close-range attack. The execution speed and damage are determined by the punch button pressed. The Light version has the fastest startup, but does the least damage. The Heavy version has the slowest startup, but does the most damage. Furthermore, if the opponent blocks the Heavy version, Bison is still safe. The EX Version changes it to be a medium-speed projectile that hits twice and knocks the opponent into the air. If the V-Trigger Psycho Power is active, it gets a larger blast radius on both normal and EX.


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