The Psycho Break Smasher (サイコ ブレイク スマッシャー Saiko Bureiku Sumasshaa?) is M. Bison's Meteor Combo in the Street Fighter EX series. It is similar to the Final Psycho Crusher.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter EX2 Plus
Street Fighter EX3
Meteor Combo Arcade Modifier (Max) Arcade Stick CBArcade Stick RightArcade Stick LR + Arcade Button Punch x3



Bison performing the Psycho Break Smasher

Bison performs a very powerful Psycho Crusher while covered in a green aura. The aura itself will become bigger as he approaches his opponent. The attack hits multiple times, and it deals a large amount of damage, especially if it's initiated at point-blank range.


  • Bison always faces the screen when he begins this move, no matter which side of the screen he is on.

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