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The Psycho Crusher (サイコ クラッシャー Saiko Kurasshaa?) is M. Bison's signature attack in all of his appearances in the Street Fighter series. In the Street Fighter Alpha series (excluding X-ISM in Street Fighter Alpha 3) and the Marvel vs. Capcom series, it functions as a Super/Hyper Combo, while the Psycho Cannon takes its special attack slot.



Psycho Crusher in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Executed by charging backward then pressing forward and punch, Bison charges his right hand with Psycho Power, then surrounds himself with the energy while flying spinning towards his opponents, similar to a torpedo (in fact, early versions of strategy guides referred to this move as a "Flaming Torpedo"), and thus will try to "grind drill" his opponent (hence the term "Crusher"), though on the contrary, in all of its appearances, the attack always knocks down or launches with a single or a few hits (depending on the game). How far Bison travels in this fashion, and how much damage it does, depends on the punch button pressed.

If the attack is performed at a close enough range to the opponent, Bison will pass by and come out of the move on the far side of the opponent, even if they block. However, if the opponent blocks, they will be able to attack a helpless Bison as the move ends and he recovers to standing position. The EX Special version is faster, does the most damage, and is immune to projectiles. Because of its aerial nature, it can go over low attacks.


As Final M. Bison, he can use the Final Psycho Crusher, a much stronger version of the original Psycho Crusher. Here, he disappears and comes from off-screen and fills the whole screen with Psycho Energy as he does a Psycho Crusher that goes across the whole screen. It does a large amount of damage, up to more than half of the target's health, and even does high chip damage.

Other appearancesEdit

  • In the Street Fighter manga, the Psycho Crusher is a "one-hit kill" which is an equivalent of an output of 40 grams of Psycho energy.[citation needed]
  • Street Fighter II V's depiction of the attack differed from the games, with Bison rapididly spinning before flying foward for the attack. specifically



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