The Psycho Inferno (サイコインフェルノ Saiko Inferuno?) is a move used by M.Bison in Street Fighter V. [1]

Bison raises his hands, causing a pillar of Psycho Power to erupt from the ground in front of him. The EX version raises the damage and hitbox of the pillar as well as adding an identical pillar behind Bison, almost totally encapsulating him. If his V-Trigger is active, the move gets a higher hitbox and can be canceled into EX moves, but leaves the additional one from the EX the same.


Psycho Inferno is a very versatile move with applications both inside and outside of combos. Outside of combos Psycho Inferno is a viable anti air, especially the EX Version which, due to the raised hitbox and rear pillar, is almost infallible if timed properly. Inside of combos, Psycho Inferno can be used as a pseudo combo ender allowing for limited follow-ups, including Psycho Blast and, with skilled timing, Ultimate Psycho Crusher. The move is also a true blockstring when cancelled into from most blocked normals.


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