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"Fear and respect... the supreme energy that is Psycho Power!"
M. Bison in Street Fighter Alpha 3

Psycho Power (サイコパワー Saiko Pawaa?) is the name of a spiritual energy that is utilized by combatants in the Street Fighter series.


Bison psycho punisher

M. Bison ends his Psycho Punisher with a blast of Psycho Power through his victim.

Often termed as an evil, negative or psychotic energy, Psycho Power is most notably exploited by its best known user, M. Bison. Psycho Power has been described as the corrupted negative of Soul Power, a power demonstrated by Rose. According to M. Bison's win quotes in Street Fighter Alpha 3, Psycho Power feeds off of the fear, anger, and the hatred of others.

History Edit

Nothing is known about the origins of the Psycho Power. It is said that in the past, M. Bison's master was the only known person in the world who could manipulate it; it is also said that, before his death at the hands of Bison, he passed the power to only three other students, Bison himself being one of them.[1]

Known PractitionersEdit

M. BisonEdit

For a complete list of Psycho Power abilities, see Category:Psycho Power Attacks.

Through its use, M. Bison has gained a considerable amount of strengh, expelling all remorse, compassion, and humanity from his soul. In addition to being used in several of his moves in the series, this energy also grants him the ability to float, teleport, and control the minds of other beings, as seen with the Dolls. He can also regenerate via the Psycho Drive, and create a wormhole for traveling, as seen during Guile's rival battle with him in the Arcade Mode of Super Street Fighter IV.

However, Psycho Power can exceed the limits of his body; this would prove to be partially responsible for the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3, where he sought out Ryu in order to see whether his body's "ceiling" could exceed that of Bison's current body. Bison also believed that the Satsui no Hado within Ryu was "the ultimate form of Psycho Power", though he does not further explain the connection between the two powers (if any). The game also reveals the existence of a device called the Psycho Drive, which he used as a channel and a power amplifier, making him considerably more powerful. The Drive was destroyed at the end of the game.

An alternate form of M. Bison that uses the "maximum" Psycho Power appears in Street Fighter EX 2; his abilities are significantly enhanced in this form, and he also demonstrates the ability to create duplicates of himself, as shown in his use of the Psycho Cannon in said game.

In Street Fighter V, Bison's V-Trigger is called Psycho Power, and enables him to mix teleportation into several of his movements and attacks. Furthermore, the Black Moons used in F.A.N.G's "Operation C.H.A.I.N.S." are meant to sow and gather fear and other negative emotions in order to fuel Bison with even more strength, the supply of the Nlack Moons augments him. However, after Rashid disable the moons, he becomes weaker and sealed away.


An altered form of Charlie known as Shadow appears as a hidden playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes series in the games. He is the result of Bison's brainwashing experiments on Charlie after he was captured in the previous game. Shadow also appears with Bison in the ending of Shadow Lady, another hidden character who is a what-if based off Chun-Li's Marvel vs. Capcom ending, where Bison plans to do the same to her; Shadow Lady's ending shows a similar fate befalling Jin.

Shadow ultimately retains the same moves as Charlie, though they are now Psycho Power-enhanced and produce blue flames; while Shadow Lady underwent similar experiments, she does not appear to possess Psycho Power, instead having been turned into a cyborg.

Juli and JuniEdit

In the games, both Juli and Juni have two Psycho Charge abilities that can restore health or refill the Super Combo Gauge. Juni can also use the Psycho Streak Super Combo to summon M. Bison, who then performs a Psycho Crusher.


Decapre's moveset is comprised of many Psycho Power-charged dagger attacks, and one of her Ultra Combos creates a massive ball of Psycho Power.


During Cammy's creation in Shadaloo, she has shown the potential to harness Psycho Power as, in Street Fighter Legends:Cammy, the energy can be used to affect her original programming into a DOLL to serve Shadaloo and can be used to call out to people who have been exposed to Psycho Power.


During Abel's creation in a Shadaloo base, it was revealed by F.A.N.G. that he, along with the DOLLS they captured, has a small fraction of Bison's Psycho Power inside them, it would give Bison the ability to control them, and even possessing their body incase anything should ever go wrong with the body he currently inhabits. 





  • Though Gill's Psycho Headbutt shares the same naming scheme as most Psycho Power abilities, this is nothing more than a coincidental occurrence.
  • In Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Ingrid has claimed that she is the true bearer of the Psycho Power, as she constantly tells M. Bison that Psycho Power is "her power" and that he has stolen it. However, this detail has been largely ignored, likely due to the contradictions between her story and the main games' storyline.

References Edit

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