Psycho Transaction (サイコトランザクション Saiko Toranzakushon) is one of Decapre's special attacks, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV. This move is inspired by Juli's Psycho Charge Beta in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Description Edit

By clicking the button equivalent to three punches together, Decapre sacrifices part of her health to fill the Super and Revenge Gauge. While holding down the button, Decapre continue to fill up the health until it reach the end.

Tactics Edit

This move allows Decapre to sacrifice a portion of her health for additional super and ultra meter, a high risk move that could pay dividends if utilized effectively. During the move, Decapre is fully exposed to the opponent, but if used properly can become a good offense can give Decapre the ability to make combos with two Ultra Combos, Psycho Stream and DCM, in the same combo.

Gallery Edit

Similar Moves Edit

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