Pullum Purna (プルム・プルナ Purumu Puruna?, arabic: برم برنا "B'r'm B'r'n'a") is a video game character from the Street Fighter EX series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX. She is an exotic Middle Eastern heiress traveling the world alongside her bodyguard Darun Mister, in an attempt to find her missing father.



In Street Fighter EX, Pullum sports a blue arabian vest with gold designs under a white burst lace bra and long white evening gloves adorned with gold bracelets. She also sports sky blue semi-transparent harem pants and golden steel-toed pumps. She has a hairstyle similar to Ibuki's and wears a gold necklace with a red round pendant at the center.

In her alternate appearance, her arabian vest is white and her bra are replaced with a dark blue sleeveless loose top adorned with a gold belt, her harem pants are pink and she wears dark blue short arabian boots.

In Street Fighter EX2 Plus, Pullum's outfit has minor changes: she wears a medium blue short sleeved arabian jacket with gold folded sleeves tucked in a pink obi, sea green harem pants and a large choker on her neck, she no longer wears evening gloves.

In her Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, she remains largely the same but she no longer wears a necklace on her neck.


Pullum has a generally cheerful disposition. She is very curious and loves experiencing new things.[1]


Street Fighter EX seriesEdit


The daughter of a wealthy Saudi Arabian man, Pullum seeks revenge for her grandfather against Shadaloo after he was found in a hypnotic state, having read a book with the word "Shadaloo" on the cover. She vows revenge, and hires Darun Mister as a bodyguard, teaming with her friend Blair Dame and going traveling.

Endings Edit

Street Fighter EXEdit

(Japanese version) She did not know him personally, but she has a relative working for Shadaloo who was nominated to be part of Shadaloo's executives. What will become of that division of Shadaloo when she learns this fact? She is a selfish princess after all. What are you going to do, Bison? Let someone else take care of that?

Street Fighter EX Plus αEdit

(Japanese version) "Do you even know who I am?" Thus echoes the shrilled voice of the pampered princess. All the other personcould do was be groggy. "This must be one of the fighting techniques used by Her Majesty." said the stewardess while starting to prepare her tea. "There is no one out there who can match this Princess."

Street Fighter EX3Edit

In her EX3 ending, Pullum made it a point to practice dancing everyday after the tournament as she thinks to herself. "Is it better to wiggle my hips more or less? Is my expression is okay in this way?". Suddenly, the door opens unexpectedly and the man happens to be her bodyguard Darun who loudly calls her as "Master Pullum." He tries to inform her partner for that day's dance practice which Pullum replies "Oh! Mr. Darun... You are also..." this implies that she saw Darun's muscular appearance or she is commenting on Darun's interest in practice dancing.

Shadaloo C.R.I. profileEdit

Pullum is a wayward young lady who is brimming with curiosity and loves new things. She's searching for her Arab father, Barba Purna (バルバ・プルナ?), who is working at Shadaloo's base, and travels the world to find him. She often causes trouble for her bodyguard Darun. She's also a member of the Worldwide Young Ladies Club.[1]


Fighting styleEdit

Pullum fights using an original style incorporating dance moves.[2]


Having a distinct fighting style, Pullum is still maneuvered as a standard "Quarter-circle" character. She uses mainly her legs to attack. She's the only character in the first game of the EX series with the ability to double-jump.


  • Alacer Wrist (forward + Mid Punch) (also in mid-air) - Pullum jumps towards opponent, clenching her wrists in a skull hit.
  • Dance Wind (down + Mid Punch) (Air Throw, only imputable in air, against an airborne opponent) - Pullum catches the opponent by legs and twirls it around while laughing.
  • Drill Purrus (down, down-forward, forward + Kick) (also imputable in mid-air) - a self-projectile attack similar to Dhalsim's  Drill Kicks.
  • Ten-El Kick (down, down-backward, back + Kick) - a reverse sobat thrown from mid air.
  • Purim Kick (forward, down, down-forward + Kick) - a sommersault Kick like Guile's Flash Kick.
  • Res Arcana ((down, down-forward, forward)*2 + Kick)  - Super Combo : Three reversed Purim Kicks instantly followed by a regular Purim Kick.
  • Præc Larum ((down, down-backward, back)*2 + Kick) - Super Combo : Pullum twirls herself like a ballerina, her right leg pointed on the opponent's face for multiple hits. Somehow similar to Ryu's Shinku Tatsumaki.
  • Kind Wind ((down, down-forward, forward)*2 + Punch) - (only imputable in air) Super Combo : Pullum generates a ball of air Energy, which does damage if enemy hits it. 
  • Gradus Par ((down, down-forward, forward)*2 + All three Punches)  - Hyper Combo : Pullum entices her opponent to dance along with her. They both twirl, twirl and twirl, somehow occasioning the opponent damage.

Stage ThemeEdit


  • Like a few other characters in the series, her name has been oddly romanised, likely because it has made the journey from Arabic to Japanese phonetic spellings and finally to English. In Arabic "Pullum Purna" is written as برم برنا, which translates to "Birim Borna" — and is doubly suitable in her case as "birim/birm" means "twirl" (as in to twirl around) and "Borna" is a given name meaning "youthful" (though it's usually a boy's name).
  • Rouge, from Capcom's Power Stone series, shares some similar traits to Pullum in terms of design and fighting style.
  • Pullum shares similar character traits to two Street Fighter characters, Dee Jay and Elena.
    • Pullum and Dee Jay are both dark-skinned (Dee Jay is Caribbean while Pullum is Arabian) fighters who fight using dance moves and they both use musical instruments (Dee Jay is often seen with maraccas, while Pullum uses a tambourine).
    • Pullum and Elena are both dark-skinned females who use dance moves in their respective fighting styles.
  • Luca, from Capcom's Star Gladiator games, has almost the same concept models from Pullum.
  • In the game Suikoden II from Suikoden series, the character Karen bears a strong resemblance to Pullum when she is in battle and her own dance mini-game as her basic attacks resemble Pullum's moves such as Purim Kick. Her Twin Ring Rune bears a strong resemblance to Pullum's Res Arcana and Praec Larum. But the version of her move has her to spin her opponent using a nail as a weapon then goes for two spinning kicks.

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