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Pullum Purna Pullum big
Pullum big
Pullum Purna
Birthdate September 26
Birthplace SAAR0001 Saudi Arabia
Eye color Light Blue (Blue in SFEX)
Hair color Brown
Fighting style Possibly Ballerina
Likes Her old friend Blair Dame, Dancing, her bodyguard Darun Mister
Dislikes Science, Bad musics
First game Street Fighter EX
Japanese voice actor(s) Chika Sakamoto

Pullum Purna is a playable character in Arika's Street Fighter EX series.


The daughter of a wealthy Arabian man, Pullum seeks revenge for her grandfather against Shadaloo after he was found in a hypnotic state, having read a book with the word Shadaloo on the cover. She vows revenge, and hires Darun Mister as a bodyguard, teaming with her friend Blair Dame and going traveling.

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  • Rouge, from Capcom's Power Stone series, shares some similar traits to Pullum in terms of design and fighting style.
  • Pullum shares similar character traits to two Street Fighter characters, Dee Jay and Elena.
    • Pullum and Dee Jay are both dark-skinned (Dee Jay is Caribbean while Pullum is Arabian) fighters who fight using dance moves and they both use musical instruments (Dee Jay is often seen with maraccas, while Pullum uses a tambourine).
    • Pullum and Elena are both dark-skinned females who use dance moves in their respective fighting styles.
  • Luca, from Capcom's Star Gladiator games, has almost the same concept models from Pullum.
  • Pullum and Ibuki have a similar hairstyle.

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