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Arcade Button Punch
The punch (パンチ, Panchi) is an extremely basic type of attack seen in the Street Fighter series. There are three types of punches; jab (light), strong (medium), and fierce (heavy).

The punch button is usually 'tied' to attacks performed with the upper half of the body. It is the basis of special attacks such as the Hadoken or Sonic Boom.


  • Sf3 punch light Typically a light punch, also known as a jab, comes out the fastest, has the least range, and can be chained quickly in a combo.


  • Sf3 punch medium A medium punch, also known as a strong punch, usually has moderate range and also serves as a combo-finisher, since it's usually a more powerful version of the weak punch (but ends slower on average).


  • Sf3 punch hard A heavy punch, also known as a hard punch or a fierce punch, is the most powerful with the most range and power, but often have below-average speed. In earlier games, when close to a foe, one can walk forward and press the medium or strong punch button to throw the foe.



  • Dudley and Balrog's movesets consist entirely of punches or upper body-based moves, as both characters are boxers.
  • Elena's moveset, being based in Capoeira, lacks punches, and instead consists solely of kick-based moves.
  • Punch inputs have less priority than kick inputs, as evidenced by P-Linking.

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