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The Quattro Panorami/Panorama (四景, Shikei, "Four Views") is Vulcano Rosso's Meteor Combo, introduced in Street Fighter EX 2 Plus.

All appearances Arcade-Modifier-MaxArcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Kick x3


Quattro Panorami 3

The floor erupts in flames on Hokuto.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle motions and pressing three kicks, Rosso grabs his opponent, holding them high and uppercutting them in the midsection. As he sends his opponent face-down on the floor, he mercilessly stomps them. Rosso then turns the opponent face up, and finishes the move by landing a punch to the latter's face, generating a volcanic eruption that deals damage to the opponent.

The move is a close-range grab that cannot be blocked.


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