The Quesadilla Bomb (ケサディーヤボム Kesadiiya Bomu?) is one of El Fuerte's special attacks in Street Fighter IV.

All appearances Punch hold Arcade Button Kick for a moment and release


Quesadilla Bomb

El Fuerte using the Quesadilla Bomb against Ryu.

Executed by holding kick for a few seconds and releasing it, El Fuerte performs a short-range running body slam into the opponent. The attack is useful for combos because of the speedy execution and recovery time.

The EX Special version causes him to run faster and increases the move's range. Also, if it Counter Hits, it causes a wall bounce, allowing him to combo it into the Guacamole Leg Throw, Calamari Slide or even another charged Quesadilla Bomb.

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