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The Quick Spin Knuckle (アクセルスピンナックル, Akuseru Supin Nakkuru), also known as the Axle Spin Knuckle, is one of Cammy's special attacks in the Street Fighter series. The move is also part of Juli's arsenal in Street Fighter Alpha 3.
Street Fighter II Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Punch
Super Street Fighter II Arcade Stick HCF + Arcade Button Punch
Street Fighter: The Movie (arcade)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch
Street Fighter: The Movie (home video game) Arcade Stick Left Arcade-Stick-DL Arcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing a half-circle back (or, in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, quarter-circle forward) motion and pressing punch, the user approaches her opponent by hopping into the air and spinning her back around to the opponent before whipping her fist a full 360°. If she connects with this move up close, she can hit twice - first with her elbow, and next with her fist. While performing this move, the user is invulnerable to attacks, save for ones that connect with her head; however, it typically has a lengthy startup time.


Cammy-spinbackhandJuli-spinknuck CammySpinKnuckle


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