The Raging Light (猛る灯火 Takeru Tomoshibi?) is one of Necalli's special attacks featured in Street Fighter V. [1]

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by Shoryuken motion, Necalli shoots up into the air leading with multiple slashes. The amount of slashes and by extension, damage, depends upon the punch button pressed. Light Punch does one hit while the EX version goes up to five, with the Medium and Hard versions falling in between. Activating V-Trigger grants this move more invicibility and an additional hit on all version, i.e two for the Light Punch version and upto five if EX is used. The angle and the multiple hits make this move somewhat similar to Adon's Rising Jaguar.


The Raging Light can act as an anti-air attack, combo ender, or as a close-range punish, similar to the Shoryuken. However, it does not have the same priority, and a well-placed counter attack can stop the move. The Raging Light also requires Necalli to be in very close range, unless the opponent is in the air already. As with the Shoryuken, whiffing or having the move blocked leaves Necalli vulnerable as he falls back to the ground. As an additional hazard in Street Fighter V, all blocked anti-air attacks (except EX versions) are open to be punished by Crush Counters.

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Keeping in line with the solar theme prevalent in Necalli's moveset, this move is a direct reference to the Sun. The Sun was worshipped as a deity, Huitzilopochtli, by the Aztecs. According to Aztec myths, the Sun i.e Huitzilopochtli was locked in an eternal battle with his siblings, the other celestial bodies in the sky, in order to defend their mother from them. Hence the Sun is said to be perpetually 'raging'.


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