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The Rakan Dantojin (羅漢断塔刃, Rakan Dantoujin, "Arhat Severing Tower Blade") is one of Oni's special attacks.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCF + Arcade Button Kick


Rakan Dantojin
Executed by performing a half-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Oni slides forward along the ground in a manner vaguely similar to the Ashura Senku ("Messatsu!"), then swipes his palm horizontally in a slashing motion before he comes to a stop.

The distance Oni slides and the move's properties are determined by the kick button pressed: light kick is the fastest, medium kick is invincible to projectiles during the slide, heavy kick will slide past the opponent for a Cross-up, and the EX version is both immune to projectiles and capable of crossing the opponent up.


The attack can be dash canceled for safety, or to continue a combo.

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