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This is a list of quotes used by Rashid.

Street Fighter V Edit

Character SelectionEdit

  • "I'm summoning a storm!"

Intro Edit

  • "I'm Rashid of the turbulent wind. Remember the name well."

Round Win Edit

  • "O.K.! 10 points, I did it!"
  • (with 20% of health or less) "Wheeeww, you almost had me worried there!"

Round Lose Edit

  • "Impossible!"

Win Quotes (Generic) Edit

  • "Have you seen Azam, by any chance? He's my trusted friend."
  • "Ah, my battery's dead. Now where did my spare one go?"
  • "I've gotta get going. Let's not rush so much next time!"
  • "You can't escape my gale! ...Or something like that."
  • "That's a wrap, folks!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "Turn that frown upside-down, buddy! You know what they say, "Smile and the world smiles with you"!"
  • "You live in a big city and don't even have internet?"
  • "...Money? What do you even do with your money? That's the more important question."
  • "Food? Are you hungry? We should grab a bite together!"
  • "Calm down! I'm not going to harm your friends!"
  • "Searching for loved ones is hard. You just don't know when to stop."
  • "How do you do that with your arms? Yoga? You've got to be joking!"
  • "Do you just lug around a bunch of kunai, or do you pick them up later?"
  • "I think your "games" are a little too difficult for me."
  • "If mine is the turbulent wind, is yours the burning hurricane?"
  • "Wait, everyone emits electricity where you come from? Seriously!?"
  • "You can only keep moving forward. Forget about the past."
  • "A friend of mine told me all the true greats are greatly humble."
  • "Grandp--wait, you're not him... You're Azam's friend, right? You look like my grandfather."

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