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The Rekkaken (烈火拳, Rekka Ken, "Raging Fire Fist") is one of Fei Long's signature special attacks, introduced along with him in Super Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch (can be performed up to 3 times)


Fei rekka
Fei Long performing the Rekkaken punches against Abel in Street Fighter IV (click on the image to see the animation).
Executed by pressing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Fei Long hits the enemy with a powerful punch for each input; if the full follow-up is performed, the third strike inflicts knockdown. The distance covered by each strike and recovery time in-between them are determined by the punch button pressed at the initial input, with stronger punch meaning longer reach and recovery time.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV covers a slightly greater distance than the heavy punch version and has virtually no startup time. It also uses fiery punches and allows the very first punch to disrupt a single projectile if timed correctly.


The Rekkaken is considered the "heart" of his offensive arsenal, and is generally used as a combo finisher.

The timing for the EX Rekkaken's projectile immunity is very strict, as Fei's hand must be fully out during the first punch in order to stop the projectile. It is thus best used at close range where he can capitalize on the opponent after the first hit, lowering the chances of retaliation.


  • Rekkaken is the very first special special attack in the Street Fighter games (as well as one of the first in fighting games) to have multiple hits via repeatable input.
  • Each one of the first two punches end with Fei Long performing a kiai (martial arts scream) while the last one ends in a different kiai and cooldown that plays off of Bruce Lee's notable habit of tensing himself after a blow.

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