The Ressen Ha (烈殲破? "Violent Massacre Break") is one of Karin's special attacks, introduced along with her in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Ressen Ha Arcade Stick DHCF + Arcade Button Kick (or Arcade-Stick-Up + Arcade Button Kick during Guren Ken)
Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Punch (or Arcade-Stick-Up + Arcade Button Kick during Guren Ken)
Senha Kusabi Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Punch>Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade Button Kick

Senha Resshu

Arcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Punch>Arcade-Stick-Up+Arcade Button Kick


Executed by either performing a diagonal half-circle motion and pressing kick (or by moving up and kick during any of Guren Ken's two hits). In Street Fighter V, the command for this move is quarter-circle backward and pressing punch. Karin leaps and spins in an arc towards the opponent, swinging her arms downward. The strength of the punch determines the length of Karin's jump. The Light version has the fastest startup and has the shortest range. The Heavy version has the slowest startup, but allows Karin to jump almost fullscreen.

After the overhead connects, Karin has a variety of options.

  • Senha Kusabi: By pressing down and kick, Karin slides toward the opponent, sweeping them off of their feet.
  • Senha Resshu: By pressing up and kick, Karin somersaults toward the opponent. When she is close enough, she will perform a handstand on top of the opponent's head. Karin lands her knees into the opponent's head, driving them toward the ground.

The EX version has Karin leaping upwards, spinning and swinging her arms to hit the opponent multiple times.

When done from her Guren Ken, it is referred to as the Guren Senha (紅蓮殲破? "Crimson Lotus Massacre Break").


It is an excellent overhead option against crouching opponents; however, its long startup makes it somewhat predictable. The EX version is Karin's best anti-air option. It is a great revesal tool, turning into an invincible uppercut, allowing Karin to escape pressure. However, if blocks the EX version, Karin will be vulnerable and can eat a chunk of damage if the opponent hits her with one of their Crush Counter moves.

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