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Retsu  Retsuportrait
Retsu, as he appears in Street Fighter.
Birthplace Japan Japan
Eye color Brown
Fighting style Shorinji Kempo
Rival(s) Ryu (Friendly)
Hobbies Possibly getting into fights,
First game Street Fighter
Japanese voice actor(s) Takeshi Aono (Street Fighter II drama CDs Mad Revenger and Portrait of the Magician.
"Go to heaven!"
— Retsu, Street Fighter

Retsu (烈, lit. "Furious") is a non-playable character from the Street Fighter series who first appeared in the original Street Fighter game as one of the ten computer-controlled opponents. He is a master of Shorinji Kempo who fought in the first world warrior tournament. While the character never appeared in another Street Fighter game, he still forms part of the later games' backstories (being established as a friend of Ryu and Ken's teacher, Gouken).


Just before the first World Warrior tournament, Retsu was indefinitely suspended from his temple for being involved in too many fights.[citation needed]

Street FighterEdit

Retsu loses to Ryu in the first world warrior tournament in front of a temple in Japan.

Other appearancesEdit

UDON comicsEdit

Retsu appears in the sixth issue of UDON's Street Fighter II comic where he is seen in a flashback of Ryu's childhood as a friend of his master Gouken. Retsu spars with Ryu and is almost beaten to death when Ryu goes into the Satsui no Hado but is stopped by Gouken.

Drama CDsEdit

He plays a role in a pair of Street Fighter II Drama CDs released in Japan, Mad Revenger and Portrait of the Magician, where he is voiced by Takeshi Aono.


  • Although not connected to Retsu in any way, the character of Makoto is similar to him in terms of fighting style, involving traditional Japanese martial arts with no fireballs, and her background in Street Fighter III is similar to Retsu's background from the original Street Fighter.
  • During the events of Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, Ryu was facing an old man during a fight at the abandoned temple; it has been speculated that this man may have been Retsu.
  • Despite being very significant to the backstory of Street Fighter, Retsu has yet to have made another appearance in a Street Fighter game since the first game.
  • In what was thought to be a piece of artwork for Ultra Street Fighter IV, a character can be seen behind Ryu who bears a striking resemblance to Retsu, which sprung rumors that Retsu was set to be the fifth announced playable character. However, it turned out to be a piece of artwork from the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary artbook, released a year before.








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