The gauges as seen in Street Fighter IV

The Revenge Gauge (リベンジ ゲージ Ribenji Geeji?) is the name given to a second combo gauge, separate from the Super Combo Gauge, in the Street Fighter IV series. They are located on the HUD on the bottom of the screen. The Revenge Gauge fills as the fighter is hit, takes chip damage from a block, or accumulates provisional damage via an armored attack. When the Revenge Gauge is at least 50% full, the player can use their fighter's Ultra Combo. The fuller the Revenge Gauge when the Ultra Combo is activated, the more damage a successful Ultra Combo will inflict.


Street Fighter IVEdit

The Revenge Gauge appears alongside the Super Gauge in Street Fighter IV. The Revenge Gauge fills as the fighter takes damage. When the Revenge Gauge is at least 50% full, the player can activate his fighter's Ultra Combo. The more full the Revenge Gauge is when the Ultra Combo is activated, the more damage a successful Ultra Combo will inflict. However, it should be noted that specific characters' Revenge gauge rises quicker than others due to their low health. This includes characters like Akuma and Seth (Seth's health is a little lower than Akuma's so his Revenge Gauge would increase a little faster upon taking damage).

Super Street Fighter IV and Ultra Street Fighter IVEdit


The Revenge Gauge in SSFIV. Notice its green color and the "I" in the middle, which indicates the selected Ultra Combo.

The Revenge Gauge functions much the same in Super Street Fighter IV; except for Juri's Feng Shui Engine, where once the combo is activated, the word "TIME" will appear in the Gauge and it will slowly deplete, with the Ultra Combo's effect ending once the gauge is fully depleted. The color of the Revenge Gauge also differs depending on which Ultra is chosen. Its color is green for Ultra 1 (I), purple for Ultra 2 (II) and red for Ultra Combo Double (W).

Street Fighter VEdit

Pop finish img ss02

Early version of the Revenge Gauge in SFV which is now placed under the Health Meter.

In early builds of Street Fighter V, a gauge appeared beneath the characters' lifebars with the word "Revenge". However, this would eventually be changed to the V-Trigger meter in later builds, although the method of accumulation remains the same as the Revenge Gauge (that is via damage intake).


  • In series where the Health Meter, Round Timers, and Score is to be placed behind the characters, attacks and other objects when they overlap, the Revenge Gauge is always superimposed into the foreground, unlike the upper HUD. This is because characters are more often on the ground, and does not need to go behind the objects.

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